In science, we learned the parts of an eye an light. We learned about the parts of the eye an how light goes through the eye. First light is reflected of something. The light goes through our eyes. First it goes through the cornea. Then it goes through the aqueous humor. Then is goes through the iris. After that it goes through the pupil and then into the lens. After the lens it goes through the vitreous humor and the goes to the optic nerve where the brain focus the light and makes an image.

For this unit of science, it was really difficult at first because there were so many things to learn and cram into our brains. We first learned about light and how it is reflected and refracted. Then we learned about the colors of light. After that we started learning about the parts of an eye and what are there functions. This part was really easy and I knew the parts of an eye. After that, we learned about the electromagnetic spectrum. She gave us a little trick to help us remember the electromagnetic spectrum. First is radio waves and then microwaves. After that is infrared waves and then visible light. After that is ultraviolet, then x-rays and then gamma rays.

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