In science and computers, we are making a website about an animal at the Chaffee Zoo. Our group got the Speke's gazelle. We also have to do research about it for our website. There were four different paper for the research. The papers are reproduction, classification, adaptation, and human interaction. I got human interaction and I can tell you right now that you don't want to get this paper.
    Human interaction is about what the humans are doing to the Speke's gazelle. The paper had resource as food, pollution, myths, zoo life and more. This paper was difficult because there was not a lot of information about all this stuff. I wish I got adaptation. The paper said to do only five or you could do more. I barely did five because there was not a lot of information about it. I asked Mrs. Poole and she couldn't find any information on this stuff too. What I got done was resource as food, zoo life, genetics, conservation efforts, and something else.

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