There were many things I learned about math. I was actually in algebra, but it was pretty easy. One of the hardest things I learned in algebra was solving systems of equations. It was the hardest thing in algebra and I thought that I wasn't going to pass that lesson. What you had to do was find x and y by eliminating one thing then you put x into the equation and find y. I really didn't get this because there were so many things to do and it made me feel dumb.

I didn't know how to do it at first because there were so many things to do and it really confused me. When it was time to take the quiz, I had missed two questions on the quiz and I only had one chance to do it. I finally got help from my algebra teacher Mr.Erickson. He told me that what you should do is first eliminate the y and find x first. Then he said that I should then plug in x into the equation and find y next. Then I would get my answer. That really helped me so I took the last quiz and passed it. How could this help me in the future I really don't know, but when I take algebra two in high school and they teach this again, I would know what to do.

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