Hey guys Im back and this is our final math monday blog. All these math blogs really helped me learn more about math and other things. What have I learned from all these math blogs? I have learned a lot, but I wish there were more blogs about algebra and not so much about pre algebra. I learned about pi and y=mx+b and unit rate and a lot more. These blogs will help me in the future with many things like jobs and homework. I sure people who have read my math blogs, or someone elses math blogs have learned a lot like me and other people.

There is a new thing called Common Core Standards. It is kind of like California State Standards, but everybody follows these standards. There is one where you have to write about math in your math class and talk about what you learned. This is kind of like our math blogs, but they're not on the computer. Instead, you will be writing on a piece of paper and talk about what you learned. If we ever do this, I will know what to do because I have had experience writing about math like in our math blogs. I sure everybody at Computech will know how to do this for Common Core Standards. 

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