Todays blog post is just like last time, but flipped around. Today we are talking about how to convert decimals to fractions. One way I thought of was to put the decimal over a hundred, take of the decimal, and then simplify from there. For example, say the decimal was .45. What you would do is take out the decimal, so know your left with 45. Then put the decimal over a hundred. So know the decimal is 45/100. Then you would simplify from there.

I would say this is the best way because I couldn't think of any other ways. I know some people would disagree because this way is kind of hard with you simplifying a lot, but I couldn't think of another way. If you guys have another way, I will listen and decide if that way is better than this way. So after you simplify, your answer would be 9/20. You divide by five and get that answer. I wish I had another way to solve this.
    When people grow up, they learn how to convert a number to a decimal. You would use this to find out you percentage. For example, you would convert 1/4 into a decimal, which is 0.25. Then you would move the decimal place over two times and get 25%. Another way you could convert a number to decimals is to multiply the numerator and the denominator by 25. For example, you would multiply 1/4 by 25 to get 25/100. That gives you the decimal value of the fraction.

    I think the best way to convert a number to a decimal is to divide the numerator by the denominator. This is the best way because it is easy and fast. For the other way, that way is kind of difficult because you have to get a piece of paper and then multiply it. With dividing the numerator by the denominator, it is much easier. So you 1 divided by 4. First you add a decimal. Then you have 10 divided by 4. Subtract 8 and then you get a 2. 
    Today's blog is about what would be better when purchasing food for a restaurant, ratio or percentage? I would choose percentage because it would show you how much food you are selling. Ratio is used to compare to things, and that wouldn't help very much, but if you use percentage, then you would know how much food you are selling.

    Percentage tells you how much out of a hundred. If I had my own restaurant and had to order food, I would check how much food we are selling. Say if we were selling a lot of steaks and the percent was 97%, then I would order a lot of steaks. If were selling shrimp at only say 45%, then I would order only a little bit of shrimp. Sometimes people change their minds and order other foods, which would bring up sales. You have to look at the percentages because it will show you how much you are selling.