Hey guys back here to talk to you about a very sad day. Today is my last day writing to you guys on Friday. Yeah pretty sad, but don't be sad. I had a great year here at Computech. It is one of the best school years of my life. I know that when I'm finished with 7th grade, that I will be going to 8th grade, which is a lot harder. I really don't want harder work, but it has to happen so that I can learn more and be smarter. 

There are some things coming up this year. The first thing is that we will be going to Wild Water Adventure Park next Friday, so that will be fun and I may write a blog about my experience. Then the 7th graders will have the reading counts party to see who made their goal of 500,000 words and who reached 1,000,000 words and who got the most words out of everybody. After that we have the 7th grade awards assembly where the 7th graders get an award for everything they have done this year. I know I am going to get an award like perfect attendance and honor roll or high honor roll. It will be fun and I will remember this school year for ever. Everyone will know that I went to one of the best schools in the nation. Well I have to go now so thanks to everyone who read all of my blogs. You guys are great. Bye!!!

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