American and Asian lives differ greatly. Even schools are completely different in Asia. What are some differences? In Asia families have completely different points of view. They encourage their kids to do well in school (like us), but when the child does something good the family will have the child realize why it was good. Most American families would just say good job. Which method is better? In my opinion the Asian way is better because unlike in America the child understands why it was something good. In America they just know it's good but do not know why. 
    It's the same thing in schools. One example Mr. Kimbley gave on his blog post was that a group of scientists gave an impossible question to a few American children and a few Asian children. The American children responded to the problem with "we haven't learned this yet". The Asian children worked for an hour to try to decipher the problem and never gave up. They would have kept working, but the scientists said the time was up. The Asian children never gave up.

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