It was really cold outside. There wasn't any fog, just the sun. We went to a place where you could see the ocean. They had binoculars and I went to use them. I couldn't see anything until I moved the binoculars. Then I saw the beautiful ocean. We stayed there for about 10 minutes. Then we went inside the aquarium. I saw many things like the gift shop and fish and sea otters. I was ready to explore when my teacher said that we had to get our lunch out of the bus.

That got me angry because I said to myself why didn't they do that first. So we went to get the lunches and put them in a locker where you could store your stuff. You had to pay money to take out the key. Then we went inside the aquarium. The first thing we went to see were the sea otters. You could see them in the water or see the above on land. I decided to see them in the water. The sea otters did many things like jump out of the water and make a big splash. Then I went to see them above.

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