The birds made a big commotion in the lunch place. The teacher blamed me for feeding the birds when it was my friends feeding them. Not only did I get mad at that, I was also mad that we didn't eat at this fancy Japanese restaurant. My other friends who were in different classes got to eat at the Japanese restaurant. My teacher said we couldn't eat at the restaurant because she wanted us to have more time at the aquarium and she would make it up by taking us to the beach. That wouldn't make it up for me.
    After we had our lunch, we went back into the aquarium. We went to go look at some other things in the aquarium. We looked at the fishes and other sea creatures. I was really bored because I wanted to go to the gift shop. After we looked at every thing, we went to the gift shop. I was really excited because I wanted to see what was in there. My teacher only let 3 students go in at a time. I had to wait a long while. Then I was next to go in.
    I saw many cool things in the gift shop. There were toys and books and shirts and many other things. The only bad thing was it was expensive. Since my teacher had some extra money, she let us get something from the gift shop. I looked around the shop and found something that caught my eye. It was this glass whale figurine. I decided to get it because it looked cool. I went to go give it to my teacher, but she made a fuss about it. She said I should get something that would remind me of the aquarium and that I could show how the aquarium looked like to my parents. She pointed at a book that was all about Monterrey Bay Aquarium. So I got it and I had to pay for the glass whale. It cost $15 and I had brought $20. I wanted to spend my $20 on something else. My teacher had ruined my gift shop time.

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