Hey guys back here with the final blog post. Computers class has taught me many things since I got to Mr.Kimbley's class. When I first came to computers, I didn't know many things about computers. As the year went by, the work got harder and harder. I was overwhelmed with fear and failure. I knew that if I worked really hard, then I would know that I would do great. After all struggle will help you learn. After that, I worked my hardest on every project Mr.Kimbley gave me. I did learn many things while in computer class.

I have learned many things since I got to computers with Mr.Kimbley. I learned about Microsoft, Google Drive, and many more things. The best thing about computers is when we did the My Digital Life course. I learned a lot about computers and computer safety. My least favorite thing about computers is when we did the Microsoft courses. There was too much to learn about Microsoft and it made my head hurt, but I learned some new things about Microsoft. I used what I learned at home. I pretty sure I will use the things I learned in the future and teach this the things I learned to my family. Thank you everyone who read all of my blogs and have a great summer!!!!

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