Hey guys back here with the final blog post. Computers class has taught me many things since I got to Mr.Kimbley's class. When I first came to computers, I didn't know many things about computers. As the year went by, the work got harder and harder. I was overwhelmed with fear and failure. I knew that if I worked really hard, then I would know that I would do great. After all struggle will help you learn. After that, I worked my hardest on every project Mr.Kimbley gave me. I did learn many things while in computer class.

I have learned many things since I got to computers with Mr.Kimbley. I learned about Microsoft, Google Drive, and many more things. The best thing about computers is when we did the My Digital Life course. I learned a lot about computers and computer safety. My least favorite thing about computers is when we did the Microsoft courses. There was too much to learn about Microsoft and it made my head hurt, but I learned some new things about Microsoft. I used what I learned at home. I pretty sure I will use the things I learned in the future and teach this the things I learned to my family. Thank you everyone who read all of my blogs and have a great summer!!!!
Hey guys back here to talk to you about a very sad day. Today is my last day writing to you guys on Friday. Yeah pretty sad, but don't be sad. I had a great year here at Computech. It is one of the best school years of my life. I know that when I'm finished with 7th grade, that I will be going to 8th grade, which is a lot harder. I really don't want harder work, but it has to happen so that I can learn more and be smarter. 

There are some things coming up this year. The first thing is that we will be going to Wild Water Adventure Park next Friday, so that will be fun and I may write a blog about my experience. Then the 7th graders will have the reading counts party to see who made their goal of 500,000 words and who reached 1,000,000 words and who got the most words out of everybody. After that we have the 7th grade awards assembly where the 7th graders get an award for everything they have done this year. I know I am going to get an award like perfect attendance and honor roll or high honor roll. It will be fun and I will remember this school year for ever. Everyone will know that I went to one of the best schools in the nation. Well I have to go now so thanks to everyone who read all of my blogs. You guys are great. Bye!!!
On Tuesday we went to the zoo to learn about our animal. I was really excited to go, and I couldn't wait any longer until we got to the zoo. I then realized how disappointed I was, and how boring it was. We had stations to go to, and that made it even worse. The stations were pretty boring, and we had to answer questions about some of the animals there. The whole day was so boring, and my whole group even agreed with me that the trip was boring. They didn't even let us buy anything there, and we didn't have lunch there, but we had lunch at school. I didn't eat the lunch because it was Tuesday and they serve the lunch that I don't like that day.

The first thing my group went to was the new place called the Sea Lion Cove. We went there and the top of the exhibit was pretty boring because all the sea lions were just swimming. We then went  to the bottom of Sea Lion Cove, and that place was much better. You could see the sea lions swimming under water and the scuba divers looking at us and all the different things underwater. It was pretty cool, and that was the best thing at the zoo. The rest of the trip was boring because I have went to the zoo many times and it gets boring each time I go. The only thing new for me was the Sea Lion Cove exhibit. I hope Computech makes improvements to the zoo trip so the new 7th graders can have a great experience.
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We have been working on our zoo websites for our trip to the Fresno Chaffe Zoo. For our websites, we have to make a website about an animal at the zoo and teach the people who go to the zoo about our animal. My group got the Speke's Gazelle. The Speke's Gazelle kind of looks like a deer and has this weird lump on its nose. It is called a nasal sack. I really didn't like our animal because there wasn't that much information on it.

Our trip to the zoo is on Tuesday, and I am really nervous that people won't like our website. We are almost finished making the website. We just need a few things left, and then we will be finished. I really hope that people like our website and learn new things about the Speke's Gazelle and maybe try to save it because it is endangered. After we have our trip, we will fix our website and get graded. I would give our website a B because there are some things we need to fix. We put most of our time on the website, and I hope you will like it. Here is the link to our website. http://computechzoo2013.weebly.com/spekes-gazelle.html

Next week we are taking one of the hardest tests in California. Its that time of year again where we take the CST. The CST tests us on what we have learned so far. I have learned many things this year, but I am really nervous about the CST. I heard that this maybe be the last CST we ever take. Instead of taking the CST, we will take a test called the common core standards test. 

I have taking the CST since second grade. You start taking the CST in second grade. Since this maybe the last CST we ever take, it makes me wonder what the new test will be like. I asked my core teacher about it. She said that it will probably start in the 2014-2015 school year, and it will be on a computer. I think this is a great Idea because it will be easier to answer the questions on the computer, but there are some bad things about it. Some people may use the computer to look the answers up and cheat. I don't think that will happen, but it could.
    My year at Computech has been great so far. I have had a lot of fun doing many things like Science Bowl and Basketball. I can't imagine people wanting to leave this place. There are still many things coming up this year. We have the CST in two weeks and we are preparing for it. The CST is to test us on what have we learned this year. The CST that I will take is algebra, English, and world history. The hardest one will be world history because I haven't been doing so good lately. 

    There are some fun things coming up like Wild Waters and going to the zoo to show off our website. We are making a website for the Fresno Chaffe Zoo and it will be fun. My group got the Speke's Gazelle. I really didn't like our animal because there wasn't that much information on it. The in June, we will be going to Wild Waters. I have been there before, and it is really fun. The only thing bad about it is that we have to pay $30 for it, but it will be worth it because there will be food and we get to have a lot of fun.
    I really didn't want to leave the aquarium, but we had to. It took a while for the buses to come I wasn't that patient. Finally the buses came, and we got on. It was a really long ride back home, and I got bored. I fell asleep because it was so boring on the ride back home. When I woke up, I saw we were headed to McDonald's. That made me happy because I was really hungry and had some extra money in my pocket.

    Everyone went in to McDonald's. The place was really packed I there was a long line. It was a good thing that I was close being first in line. I ordered 2 hamburgers with fries and a soda. I sat with my friends and talked about how much fun we had at the aquarium. Then it was time to leave again. The last thing I got was a Mc flurry, which was kind of like a milk shake only with ice cream. Then we headed home. I wish that I could go to the aquarium again. When I got home, I showed my family what I brought and showed them the book about the aquarium. They were fascinated. I will miss the aquarium and wish that we go again.
    It took me a while to get used to the freezing waters of the ocean. In the ocean, I saw a lot of seaweed. It was this reddish color. Then I saw my friends swimming to this rock. They wanted to take a picture, but I didn't go because I didn't want to get really wet. After that my friends went to the other side of the beach. I followed them. They told me they found a crab that was stuck in the rocks. It looked kind of white. I wanted to grab it, but it was really stuck in there.

    After that, we had fun in the water for about an hour. I tasted the ocean water and regretted it. I tasted salty. After that it was time to leave the aquarium. I was really sad, but I had a fun time at the aquarium. I put on my clothes and got my stuff.
    After the gift shop fiasco, we were heading to the beach. I guess it wasn't a total loss for me because we still got to go to the beach. After I changed my clothes, I was ready for the beach. It seemed like the ground was really hot because my classmates were complaining that the ground was hot. I was lucky that I brought my sandals and that I didn't have to walk on the ground and sand.

    Finally, we got to the beach. The beach looked so beautiful. The ocean sparkled in the sunlight, and it just looked great. I headed straight for the ocean so I could swim. The second my toes touched the water, I jumped right back onto the sand. The water was freezing cold, and my friends said it was really cold too. I wasn't sure I wanted to go into the water, but it was such a great day to go to the beach that I didn't care. I took little steps so that I wouldn't be cold fast, but it still felt like torture going into the freezing waters of the ocean.
    The birds made a big commotion in the lunch place. The teacher blamed me for feeding the birds when it was my friends feeding them. Not only did I get mad at that, I was also mad that we didn't eat at this fancy Japanese restaurant. My other friends who were in different classes got to eat at the Japanese restaurant. My teacher said we couldn't eat at the restaurant because she wanted us to have more time at the aquarium and she would make it up by taking us to the beach. That wouldn't make it up for me.
    After we had our lunch, we went back into the aquarium. We went to go look at some other things in the aquarium. We looked at the fishes and other sea creatures. I was really bored because I wanted to go to the gift shop. After we looked at every thing, we went to the gift shop. I was really excited because I wanted to see what was in there. My teacher only let 3 students go in at a time. I had to wait a long while. Then I was next to go in.
    I saw many cool things in the gift shop. There were toys and books and shirts and many other things. The only bad thing was it was expensive. Since my teacher had some extra money, she let us get something from the gift shop. I looked around the shop and found something that caught my eye. It was this glass whale figurine. I decided to get it because it looked cool. I went to go give it to my teacher, but she made a fuss about it. She said I should get something that would remind me of the aquarium and that I could show how the aquarium looked like to my parents. She pointed at a book that was all about Monterrey Bay Aquarium. So I got it and I had to pay for the glass whale. It cost $15 and I had brought $20. I wanted to spend my $20 on something else. My teacher had ruined my gift shop time.