On New Year's, everybody makes a resolution. A resolution is what you are going to do better to make the new year better. I made a resolution to do better at school. I always try my best, but this year was kind of hard. Some of the projects were easy, some hard. This year I want to do better so that I can get better grades. I will keep this resolution so that I can succeed.

The first thing that I will do is study more. I haven't been studying because I already know the material. When a really hard topic comes, then I start to study so that I will understand it. The next step is to get more help. I've been getting a lot of help last quarter because I didn't get it. It is never bad to get help, but some people don't like getting help because they don't want to embarrass themselves.

Everybody makes a resolution because they want to improve their lives. The one resolution that almost all people make is that they're going to go join a gym. Alot lot of people want to lose weight, so they join a gym. After a few weeks of months, the people give up and never come back.

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