I'm sure everybody has heard of Martin Luther's 95 theses about his complaints against the Catholic Church of Rome. I made up 5 theses about how Computech should improve. They are we should have more fundraisers, teachers giving us feed back on our work, make work fun, and teachers walking around the class room. Theses theses should be considered.

    The reason we should have more fundraisers is because we could raise a lot of money for the school so that the school could buy supplies and give us more field trips. The teachers should give us feedback on our work because it helps us improve our work so we could get a better grade. School work should also be fun because many people think that school work is boring. So if work was fun, then everybody could get their work done. The teachers should also walk around the classroom because they could see how well we are doing on our work and help us with our work. These theses should be considered because it could improve Computech to make it a better school. 

    Martin Luther's 95 theses were about the Catholic church. He thought that the way to interact with God was not through the pope, but to interact with God himself. He also was very angry that the Catholic church was selling indulgences, which was a paper say that you are excused from a sin you have committed.

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