There are so many experiences that I have had here at Computech. Some were the best and some I wish hadn't happened, but which one was the best and which one was the worst? The best experience I had was when I joined the science bowl team. As you know, I was on the science bowl team. I never planned on joining, but Mrs. Poole wanted me to join so I did. It was so much fun and I learned some new things. The competition that we had was even more fun. I'll never forget it and I will join next year.

What was my worst experience here at Computech? I really don't know.I don't think that I had a worst experience here. I feel like all the experiences that I had here were the best. How can you have a bad experience here if you are at the greatest middle school on Earth. Some people would complain about homework and teachers being mean, but all the teachers here are nice. If I had one bad experience here, it would be nothing. I hope next year is even funner than this year and not as challenging. 

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