I belong to a noble family. Life is good because my family is rich. When I was doing some work, my uncle walks in the door. He tells me that the pope has called him to go to the Crusades and become a Crusader. My uncle says that he is very ill and that he will not be able to go. He tells me that I have to go join the Crusades. It will be a long a dangerous journey. I think about it for a moment.

If I join, then my uncle will rest and get better, but I could die in war. I decide to join because it will be good for my uncle to rest up and get better. I go to the church to meet with the pope. I tell the pope that my uncle is very ill and that he can't join the Crusades and that I will take his place. The pope allows me to join. I am thrilled and he says that I will leave tomorrow morning. I go and get my armor that has a cross on it to represent Jesus. I then go home to do some last minute things with my uncle.

I wake up next morning and know that I will have to leave. I say goodbye to my uncle and tell him get better. He gives me a sword that was suppose to be his, but gave it to me. Then I go to the church that has all the Crusaders there. The pope gives a speech about how we are representing God and Jesus.

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