There are so many experiences that I have had here at Computech. Some were the best and some I wish hadn't happened, but which one was the best and which one was the worst? The best experience I had was when I joined the science bowl team. As you know, I was on the science bowl team. I never planned on joining, but Mrs. Poole wanted me to join so I did. It was so much fun and I learned some new things. The competition that we had was even more fun. I'll never forget it and I will join next year.

What was my worst experience here at Computech? I really don't know.I don't think that I had a worst experience here. I feel like all the experiences that I had here were the best. How can you have a bad experience here if you are at the greatest middle school on Earth. Some people would complain about homework and teachers being mean, but all the teachers here are nice. If I had one bad experience here, it would be nothing. I hope next year is even funner than this year and not as challenging. 
Do you know who started the Columbian Exchange? As you might have guessed from the name of this blog, the Columbian Exchange was started by none other than Christopher Columbus. He started it when he first set foot in the Americas. After that, a whole new trade system started between the Americas and Europe. There are many positive effects of the Columbian Exchange. One is that whole new foods were traded with the Americas. Food like cacao beans and different meats were traded. Another one is that we got the new land for ourselves.

There were some negative effects of the Columbian Exchange. One of them is that disease was brought over by the Europeans to the Americas. This caused the fall of the Incas and Aztecs and Mayas. Another bad effect of the Columbian Exchange is that we destroyed some great civilizations. When the Europeans came, they took all the stuff from the civilizations and left them in ruins. There was nothing left after that. During the Columbian Exchange, the Age of Exploration was happening at the same time.
Hey guys I'm back talking about zoo day and today I'm talking about my favorite station there. Most of the stations were really boring, and I didn't like it. The one I enjoyed the most and the one that was the best was Mr.Brown's station. His station was about a kangaroo and how far it could jump. We had to calculate how far we jumped and see if we could jump as far as a kangaroo. I didn't jump that far and only jumped like 2.1 meters. I saw Mr.Brown jump, and he jumped like 3.8 meters which was pretty amazing.

This was the only station I like because it was fun and not to boring, but also educational. All the other stations didn't stand out for me because they were kind of boring and not fun. To make the stations better at zoo day, they should have stations that are fun, but also educational. Maybe they shouldn't have any stations at all and just have like a zoo guide tell us about the animals and give us activities to do. I hope next year the zoo is fun for the new seventh graders and also educational for them to learn about the animal they got.
In the  core, we have been learning about ancient civilizations in the Americas. We learned that the fall of the Aztecs was similar to the fall of the Incas. First of all, both of these civilizations were conquered by Spaniards. The Aztecs was conquered by a group of Spaniards led by Hernan Cortes. Cortes conquered the Aztecs by killing the leader and stealing their gold. The Inca empire was conquered by a man named Fransisco Pizarro. Pizarro conquered the Incas by killing the leader and stealing their jewels 

Another way they were similar was the Spaniards brought new disease to the empires. When the Spaniards came to conquer the Aztecs, they had a ton of diseases that spread very quickly. It killed most of the Aztecs which lead to their fall. The Spaniards who came to conquer the Incas also had diseases that spread very quickly. It also killed most of the Incas which lead to their fall. Both Spaniards wanted to steal all their gold to bring back. 
This year at Computech has been one of the most funnest years ever. I have had a lot of good memories at Computech. There is so much I don't even know which one to right about. One of my best memories at Computech was joining the Science Bowl team. I had so much fun joining Science Bowl. When we had our competition, I had so much fun. Even thought we didn't make it to Washington D.C., it was still so much fun.

Another favorite moment at Computech was meeting my teachers. I was afraid of meeting my teachers at Computech because I thought they would be strict and mean. When I got to meet them, the were really friendly and really nice. My favorite teacher at Computech is Mrs.Kanzler. Mrs.Kanzler is the nicest teacher and the funniest teacher at Computech. She makes me laugh and that is why she is my favorite teacher at 
There are many theories as to why the Maya civilization collapsed. Some say it was because of warfare, overpopulation, and even an over demanding ruler. I believe the Maya civilization collapsed because of warfare. There were many wars in their civilization and couldn't stop fighting. That is why they didn't have and emperor to rule all of the Maya culture.

The were bloody fights all over the empire. Due to this constant fighting, people couldn't grow crops and couldn't do anything. The crops died out and no people had any food to grow, which led to the end of the Maya civilization. Of course, this is only a theory. It hasn't been proven by anyone. Other people say it was because they had an overdemanding ruler. Others say it was due to many people living in the Mayas. Many people ate many crops, and there was not enough for everybody.
    I have been a hunter gatherer all my life looking for food to eat and to support my family. I have searched all my life looking for the perfect place to settle and rest. Me and my family and other people were walking, looking for food when I saw something. The climate was warmer and I saw a lot of plants that were edible. Could this be? My dream of find a perfect place to settle. I looked around and saw all these different plants.

    The people were happy that I found this place and want me to settle here. Some of my family members thought that we should keep going on and look somewhere else. I thought about it for a moment. If I settle here, then there  will be no more traveling and no more looking for food because I found the perfect place. I decide to stay because it was the perfect place to settle and eat a lot of plants.
    This one is a no brainer. Of all the books I read this year, the winner of the best book is the Hunger Games series. That is like the best book in the whole world. It has a lot of action, drama, and makes you laugh sometimes. I started reading this book in the first quarter. When I started reading it, it made me want to read for the rest of the night. 

    I would recommend the Hunger Games to people because this book will have you on the edge of you seat and make you want to read more. There are three books in the Hunger Games series. The first is the Hunger Games, the second is Catching Fire, and the last book is Mockingjay. The first one is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who joins the Hunger Games, a fight for survival, because she didn't want her little sister, Primrose Everdeen, to go in. She then has to fight for life and her family to win. If she doesn't, then she will die. 
    In core, we are learning about the scientific revolution. The Scientific revolution was a time when there was a great thrive in science. There were many great discoveries and inventions. Many people wonder if the Scientific Revolution was important in history. I think the Scientific Revolution was an important part in world history.

    If the Scientific Revolution never happened, then we wouldn't have made so many great discoveries. One discover came from Copernicus who said the universe was heliocentric and not geocentric. If he never discovered this, then we would still believe that the universe is geocentric. Another great discovery came from Kepler who said that the planets move in an elliptical orbit, not a circular orbit as everyone thought at the time.
    I'm sure everybody has heard of Martin Luther's 95 theses about his complaints against the Catholic Church of Rome. I made up 5 theses about how Computech should improve. They are we should have more fundraisers, teachers giving us feed back on our work, make work fun, and teachers walking around the class room. Theses theses should be considered.

    The reason we should have more fundraisers is because we could raise a lot of money for the school so that the school could buy supplies and give us more field trips. The teachers should give us feedback on our work because it helps us improve our work so we could get a better grade. School work should also be fun because many people think that school work is boring. So if work was fun, then everybody could get their work done. The teachers should also walk around the classroom because they could see how well we are doing on our work and help us with our work. These theses should be considered because it could improve Computech to make it a better school. 

    Martin Luther's 95 theses were about the Catholic church. He thought that the way to interact with God was not through the pope, but to interact with God himself. He also was very angry that the Catholic church was selling indulgences, which was a paper say that you are excused from a sin you have committed.